Music Can Soothe The Brains Of Aging Persons

It looks like that some of the effective medicines do not arrive in the form of pills or syrups. Sometimes, it arrives through a pair of headphones. Music has the ability to awaken the memories inside the ageing brains and the emotions of those who are suffering from serious medical issues like Alzheimer’s and others. Many film makers like Michael Rossato Bennet have attempted to portray the influence of music on individual’s life. The movie by this film maker shows the patients living in nursing homes and other places that have patients who are suffering from dementia and spend time all alone. An aged man called Henry also remains adrift until he begins to hear his favourite music through a pair of headphones. The headphones also play some of the old hits like Cab Calloway, the jazz singer’s oldies.

Music Can Soothe The Brains Of Aging Persons

Alive Inside: The power of music

Henry pops open his eyes as soon as he listens to music and begins to sing and moves in his wheel chair. It is evident that music has transformed both his mind and body. The awakening of Henry through music went viral in the year 2012 as soon as it was released as short clip and was named as Alive Inside. This video clip features many instances of music kindling the old memories, thoughts that were long buried and their emotions of the aged people. A soothing thing about the video clip is that it shows the outbursts of joy while playing with the sadness in a mild way making the viewers hooked to it.


What science says about music?

Scientists have already proved the effects of music on human brain and hence such awakenings created by music are not surprising. In the documentary, Oliver Sacks, the neurologist states that music is a powerful tool to tap old memories inside the brain. The research conducted by neurologists also state that music evokes various region of your brain such as cortex region, amygdale and hippocampus. Molecules which transmit the signals to the brain such as endorphins, growth factors and dopamine tend to change in response to the music. In addition, the effects of music spread all over the body and energises it. It can also lower the risk of high blood pressure, regulates the breathing rate and heart rate.

Hence it is sure that music has the power to make old people experience the joy of their past years.